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madam_rouxeny's Journal

Joie de Vivre
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Madam Roux-en-Y is a 310 pound woman, who in June of 2007 made the decision to have Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. Madam welcomes you to follow along as she navigates her weight loss journey.

Surgeon: Michael A. Snyder, M.D. of Denver Bariatrics. (Curriculum Vitae)

Surgery date: September 24, 2007

Method of Payment: SELF-PAY

Cost of Surgery: $22,950.00

Joie de Vivre: A term used to express a cheerful enjoyment of life.

1) Madam is an adult and this is important because, while anyone is welcome to comment or e-mail Madam, if U ZOMG TALK 2 HER W/ L33TSP34K!!!!!!>!>!!! she shall surely not be inclined to respond to you.

2) Madam has been anorexic. Madam has been bulimic. Madam has been a normal weight. Madam has been overweight. Madam has been obese. Madam started dieting when she was eleven and has been on enumerous weight loss diets and programs. Madam been to fat camp -- twice. Madam has completed multiple outpatient programs for eating disorders. Madam has before been hospitalized for anorexia and bulimia. There isn't a day in Madam's life where she hasn't felt different as far as her body goes. Madam has dreamt of cutting off her fat with scissors or knives. Madam has dreamt of bingeing so severely that she literally couldn't stop eating, and then suffocated when the food finally overflowed and filled up her lungs. Madam knows the pain.

3) Madam is a wallflower only within the confines of her own mind. Madam is bright, engaging and has many wonderful friends. Madam was well-liked in high school, was a cheerleader, senior class president, honor student and varsity athelete. Madam has a college degree and is married with children. Madam has a successful career in an exciting and specialized field. Madam is a closet geek, a voracious reader, a writer and an unabashed fashionista. Madam is not necessarily a champion of the underdog, but is very compassionate -- it depends on the issue and attitudes/actions of the parties involved. Madam is a pretty lady.

4) Madam knows everyone has issues -- she loves you, warts and all.

5) This journal will be kept mainly in an pseudo-anonymous fashion. Madam needs to feel free to say whatever she wants. Under the guise of anonymity, Madam hopes to be real.

6) dewallflowered has closed membership, but Madam welcomes you to watch dewallflowered and follow along with Madam as she undertakes her weight loss journey. Madam will not friendslock any posts at dewallflowered. Again, Madam welcomes all comments and e-mails, although it should be noted Madam's time is tres limited, and Madam's inclination varies as to whether she's feeling ElJay-chatty or not, so Madam may or may not comment back.

7) Call her Julie or Jules ♥